How The Tikky (Token) Changed My Kids

How The Tikky (Token) Changed My Kids

The different ways that I am finding to change my life through BSV is incredible. Today My family and I set into place the (Tikky) Token as are currency of choice in the household. These tokens are achieved through chores, kind deeds, etc. The (Tikky) came about after my sons were laughing at a new meme they found online. This made me think “Wow I wish I could grab their attention that way”. Honestly I encourage hard work everyday to my kids, but it seems like the new generation is not interested in hard work at all nor do they want to hear about it. Man was I wrong. I took the wrong approach, full stop. My kids respond to media and items. I took notice so I gave them both! This is where the (Tikky) was invented. I simply took the meme they loved and tokenized it. Now i was sitting on 2000 (tikky). I then showed my son. He couldn’t believe it. “I want one” he said. Then it clicked! Ok. But you’ll need to do something for it first… Without hesitation he wanted to know what I needed done. His brother walked in the room and yelled TIKKY!!! Now they were both hooked. I really just wanted to show them something cool on blockchain. But instead we now run our chores and rewards at home fully on blockchain. We even sat down and discussed far wages! I never had been so proud. I know to everyone else the (Tikky) means nothing. But to my boys its a means of earning that gets them the things they want. They are learning finance through a meme. I would highly recommend this at any home.

Someone staying the night: 3 (Tikkys)
Eating out: 28 (Tikkys)
Walking to the gas station for snacks: 8 (Tikkys)
Gameplay a day: 1 (Tikky)
Cash Payout $15: 50 (Tikkys)

We actually sat down and negotiated these which was a lot of fun. I feel like this will help my sons later on down the road. They will have a understanding of work and wage. To top it off I already heard one of my son offering the other services on building a game for him. He wants paid in (Tikky). This is a cheap and effective way to interact with your kids to explain work and wage. You can mint anything into a token you like. I suggest whatever they are into. I hope you enjoyed a brief read into what goes on in the house of J.

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