Project Yellow Springs

Project Yellow Springs

Rae and I have been too many places searching for a community to act as a beta for on boarding a small population to the BSV network.  We are happy to say we found that community.  Yellow Springs, Ohio

With it’s endless array of independently owned shops  “Click Here”

After visiting during their last festival we found the people to be accepting and kind.  The store owners were very pleasant.  It’s seems like the perfect place to expand our project.  Many in the community have already bought into crypto like Carma Coin.  So the learning curve could be quick.

Step 1:

We are going to try to locate 5-15 old tablets either by people donated them or buying very cheap ones that can get the job done!


  1. Decent Battery Life
  2. Wifi Capable
  3. Can Run Simply.Cash 

If you would like to donate a new tablet to a business please “Click Here”

Step 2:

  1. We are going to build a presentation of sorts to show the store owners BSV and what it’s capable of.
  2. Go to store owners and explain what BSV is.
  3. Answer any and all questions about BSV they may have.
  4. If they are interested ask them if they have a tablet to use or if they need one. (Donated)
  5. Explain to them.
  6. Ask the owners if they have items that they would sell for BSV.  Understanding they are not going to want to sell expensive items we will suggest items that are maybe give away items or items under $2.00.
  7. Confirming with 5 or more shops that they will accept BSV for items $2.00 or less.
  8. Suggestion from Twitter:

If the companies are willing to sell items online we will help them set up on their website.  Hopefully @DFSGeir is correct and people will show their support online.

Step 3:

We will now work on the public part of this test.  During this we will alert the store owners that we will be promoting BSV on days they have their community festivals.  These are crowds of around 3,000 people.  So this helps.  With the store owners ready we start.

  1. No need for a table just need to mingle!  We will have a sign or a shirt that says ask us about BSV.

(Currently looking for a shirt maker to donate shirts!  Ones that have sayings like “Ask Me About BSV”,  “Ask Me About Troll Tollz” etc.  Anything to spark conversation about BSV! Your choices! Please get in touch if you can donate shirts!)

  1. When we are approached we will ask the person to simply download the HandCash wallet.
  2. Once that is completed we will send the person 5 dollars. (Please donate below for this part)
  3. Now that they are on boarded have them Scan Our QR Code Showing all the things they can do with BSV.  “Link Here To QR Code Here”
  4. Then we will make them aware that anywhere they see our sticker or a (donated) “We Accept BitcoinSV” sticker in a business they can buy something with BSV to ask the owner at checkout.
  5. Then explain that they don’t have to buy Bitcoin they can earn and keep there data.

Step 4:

Repeat Step three for a min. 5 festivals.  Signing people up and giving BSV to people to use that may not of know about it.  Letting business see that they are able to take payments without hassle or high fees.

The Goal:

It very simple.  We have a small open-minded community in our area and we feel could take to the idea of BSV.  We hope to open eyes and make crypto fun for yellow springs and give them a strong option when it comes to their crypto choice.  We are going to document this test and post it for everyone to see the process. We hope you decide to donate.  Whether it be an old tablet or BSV to give out to people anything helps.  We will do this regardless but donating makes things easier sometimes.

Root For Us!

Every $5.00 Dollars Donated Will Be Put In The Hands Of Someone That Hasn’t Used BSV!